Sandra Richardson as a Part-time  FD and working with your management team on a part-time basis, can bring a wide range of proven financial and commercial skills right into the heart of your business. Appointing a  part-time FD is a low risk decision because it is a variable cost that you can turn up, turn down or turn off, if you so choose. You get top-level advice and input at a far lower cost than employing even a relatively junior FD on a full-time basis, avoiding all of the time consuming complexities, costs and commitment associated with direct employment:

No advertising or recruitment agency costs
No NI or pension obligations
No holiday or sickness payment
No car, health cover or other fringe benefit costs
No redundancy obligations

Helping you achieve improvements in:


A well structured and run finance function, ensuring strong cashflow control and the provision of accurate and timely management information


Reviewing systems, procedures and overheads to reduce costs and improve margins


Hard-nosed advice to help you make informed business decisions that maximise opportunities and minimise potential problems

Strategic planning

Seasoned business thinking to provide strategic input to help you plan for a better future

External relations

Liaison with bankers, lawyers, accountants and other external service providers


Identification of areas of the business that might need to be strengthened and, if appropriate, calling in Secantor specialists in areas such as Marketing, IT, HR or Intellectual Property to assess the situation and identify potential improvements

Executive efficiency

Financial support to free up your time so that you can do what you do best - develop your business

​Sandra Richardson
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Sandra Richardson is a trading name of Academy Financial Management Services Ltd