As with most taxes, the requirements for limited companies continue to change and the basic forms required can seem long-winded and confusing.  Tax Returns can be prepared and submitted on your behalf.

Our aim is to simplify these for you, calculating the tax the company owes, advising on the timing of payments, completing all relevant forms and reviewing correspondence received from HMRC.

All HMRC forms can be completed on-line or in hard copy.

Our service includes:

A free initial consultation

Advising you of the information required

Reminders for key deadlines

Prepare your tax return and calculate your tax liability

Send you a copy of your return with supporting documentation

File the return on-line

Communicate with HMRC on your behalf

Fees agreed in advance on a fixed fee basis

​Sandra Richardson
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Sandra Richardson is a trading name of Academy Financial Management Services Ltd

VAT can be a particularly onerous tax, which if the returns are not completed correctly and on-time can result in penalties and interest charges. Sandra Richardson can help you plan and monitor your business to avoid all of these by ensuring compliance with regulations. 

When you need to register for VAT, we can help you with registration and help you set up your systems to ensure compliance, whilst minimising the cost of this tax.

To minimise your concerns regarding VAT compliance outsource your VAT returns to us at a fixed price option.




From £125 Sandra Richardson can  take away the hassle and worry of self-assessment with our Tax Return service. If the thought of filling in your own tax return fills you with dread, you're not alone.

Many people find it complicated and time-consuming and it is not surprising that almost 1 million people a year are fined for failing to return it to H M Revenue & Customs by the deadline.

Worse still errors by H M Revenue & Customs are regularly reported, one in four tax returns are calculated incorrectly.

From £125 , our self assessment tax return service will:

deal with all your tax affairs no matter how complicated (excluding self employment)
include employment income, pensions, benefits and expenses
plus capital gains, investments and 1 rental property
complete your tax return and all necessary schedules
calculate your tax position
send you a full copy and explanatory notes
file your return online to H M Revenue & Customs
deal with the Revenue on your behalf
be available for all your tax queries and questions

If you are in receipt of self employed income please contact us and we will arrange to prepare a personalised quotation for you.

Please be aware that our fixed fees do not cover the cost of dealing with any Section 9A enquiries raised by HMRC.